Presented by - Carter West Creatives and Lambert Jackson

Starring - Dougie Carter and Robert West

'This One's For You' pays tribute to one of the greatest singer songwriters of all time, Sir Elton John. With 3 world class vocalists performing unique renditions of his greatest hits in some outrageously iconic outfits audiences will be dancing, singing and partying the night away. Featuring classics such as Your Song, Goodbye Yellow brick Road, I'm Still Standing, Rocket Man and so many many more this show is a fun filled wild night of entertainment that's sure to you (crocodile) rocking all night!


Fuel Girls
House of Kittens
Serafina Hart
Invasion Angels
The Le'Sheila Sisters
Polly Rae


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Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes at a strip club? How it feels for a new girl to audition? Why dancers need pleasers and punters have nicknames? What the difference is between a whale and a captain save-a-ho? London based strippers Buffy and Heaven tell you what strippers really think, having worked together from the East End to Las Vegas. They share riotous stories of friendship, cautionary tales of misbehaviour and accounts of the unexpected from the heart of the VIP room - all delivered with humour and affection. It’s not a job for everyone, but leave your preconceptions at the door. Whatever you think you know about strippers is probably wrong. A podcast for seasoned professionals and strip club virgins alike.

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Dystopia Falls

Starring - Megan Westpfel, Amy Tomlinson, Ayesha Hussain, Katrina Louise, Sasha Flexy, Marin Gonzalez, Crystal Hantig

Venue - Jacksons Lane Theatre, London

A dark and sensual piece of dance and circus theatre that tells a compelling story about woman and how other worldly they truly are.

The Get to Know Podcast

A podcast where acclaimed London Dancer Megan Westpfel meets individuals from all walks of listens to how they got to know themselves. Or more realistically, how they are getting to know themselves. Hearing about their life stories and what lead them to where they are at today. From the lessons learned through tougher times and how they overcame them.

For the listeners, this podcast is designed to give you inspiration with ideas as to how you can help yourself out through life and what it brings. By listening to other people from all different backgrounds and cultures, your mind opens to how other people live and broadens your perspective on your own life.

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